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FBI Agent Gets Himself Into Some Serious Trouble After A Viral Video Of Him Was Taken

It was all fun and games for an FBI agent, identified as Chase Bishop, 29 years old, at a bar in Denver, USA until he performed a backflip and his gun dropped, which led to a havoc no one expected.

Havoc was created after the agent shot a bystander

People at the bar were gathered in a circle watching the FBI agent perform a series of dance moves until the back-flip happened and his gun dropped. By the looks of the video, the most likely reason for him to pull the trigger would have been because of an immediate reflex action. He held his gun and instantly shot a bystander’s leg in the crowd and led to some bystanders running away from the circle.

But then, social media made his move a meme:

Bishop is being tested to determine the factor for shooting

Prosecutors are testing the FBI agent to identify his alcohol consumption which may lead to charges if found under the influence of alcohol. After the incident, Bishop was taken to the Denver Police Headquarters for questioning and then the matter taken to the FBI personnel. According to CBS Miami, Bishop said I would certainly hope that alcohol was not involved, because being a gun owner myself and being part of a community that cares about gun safety, I’m very responsible with my firearms. My friends are as well.”

Photograph credit: coloradocatalyst

Bystander is in good condition

Meanwhile, right after the bystander was shot, he was taken to a hospital and he’s reportedly in good condition, according to news outlet, 9news. Much to his surprise, the club, Mile High Spirits Forever followed up the incident with a news release announcing the bystander can “enjoy complimentary drinks forever.” 

Photograph credit: Zagat