Jacuzzi in his living room during lockdown
Jacuzzi in his living room during lockdown

Feeling left out with no garden? Then be like Mark and put a jacuzzi in your living room!

It’s been tough at times during the Coronavirus restrictions, especially on people with little or no access to outdoor spaces.

That didn’t stop this garden-less man from getting in on the action, however.

Instead of getting jealous of his neighbours with their fancy spaces and outdoor toys, he decided to get even.

Hey presto, he bought and built a 38 square foot jacuzzi in his living room. Obvs.

Mark Sullivan, a Welsh joiner, spent 15 hours putting his new in-house jacuzzi together in his living room. And, as it’s a seven-seater jacuzzi, there’s plenty of room for social distancing.

Although, worryingly for our OCD, the jacuzzi is alarmingly close to his sofa and widescreen TV. He has at least laid down dozens of towels to save his carpets from turning into a swamp. And yes, hot tubs in living rooms are apparently a thing.

Mark said: “It’s difficult being in lockdown without a garden – I’ve just got a yard at the front of my house, but it’s not big enough for anything.

“I live in an old chapel that I’ve converted into a house – the ‘chapel of love’ is what it’s called. I was jealous of seeing people outside – so I thought I’d bring the outside inside.”

The tub took three hours to fill up using his outdoor tap. The real question though is how he plans to empty it?

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