Cat Coronavirus
Cat Coronavirus

Feline healthy? China using pet masks to protect from Coronavirus

With well over 1,000 now dead from the Coronavirus, Chinese residents are trying to prevent their pets from catching the disease.

Cats and pets with face masks have been spotted on Chinese social media site Weibo to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

And while there’s no evidence to suggest that animals can catch the virus, owners are taking precautions with the sales of pet face masks soaring. A World Health Organisation statement said…

At present there is no evidence that companion animals or pets such as cats and dogs have been infected or have spread 2019-nCoV

Which is ironic, considering the virus is thought to have crossed over from bats into humans via an illegal animal trading station in Wuhan, ground zero for the outbreak.

The new strain of coronavirus (also known as 2019-nCoV or Covid-19) has killed more than 1,000 people and infected a further 43,000 in China.

Globally, more than 400 cases have been confirmed, including eight in the UAE.

And while face masks might help prevent the spread of the virus in the short term, they’re not seen as a reliable long-term measure. And the Ministry of Health and Prevention also said that garlic probably wasn’t worth trying, either. But they did sensibly suggest good personal hygiene.