Photograph credit: Twitter/Miniminter and Games Con

FIFA Youtuber Miniminter Headlining Games Con

Youtube megastar Miniminter is the latest addition to Games Con’s headliners lineup this year, bringing his FIFA commentary live to Abu Dhabi.

Live commentary and gaming challenge

Simon Minter, aka Miniminter has been in the gaming scene for six years, uploading FIFA videos with commentary and travel-related vlogs. The 26-year-old Youtuber rose to fame in 2014, after a crossbar challenge with other YouTubers went viral and rose his subscribers to 150,000. Today, his channel boasts 7.5 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views. Attendees can see him live on stage showing demos of the latest games, live commentary and battle it out with other YouTubers in gaming challenges.

Syndicate coming to Games Con

Regarded as the “rock star vlogger of the of the gaming world,” Tom Cassell, aka Syndicate will bring his gaming talents to Games Con. His YouTube channel, ‘The Syndicate Project’ has a massive following with more than two billion views and ten million subscribers. We’re super excited to see a Syndicate and Miniminter face off!

Say hello to the voice behind Mercy and Geralt of Rivia

Besides Youtubers, Games Con will host voice actor Lucie Pohl, the voice behind heroine ‘Mercy’ from the 2016 shooter video game ‘Overwatch.’ She even did a voiceover for ‘Netherspire Historian’ from ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’ and fun fact, did a cameo in the 2016 Harry Potter spin-off film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.’ Doug Cockle, the voice actor behind ‘Geralt of Rivia’ from the ‘The Witcher’ will appear at the gaming festival too.

Massive entertainment line-up for Japanese gaming fans

Look out for ‘Anifest,’ a special pavilion dedicated to all things Japanese! At the pavilion, there will be a great deal of anime, manga, beatboxing, sword-fighting, music and cinema. Fans of Japan and gamers will be in for a loud, vibrant and multi-sensory experience, taking anime and gaming experiences one notch higher.

Photograph credit: Games Con

Save the dates: 25th-27th October

Games Con is making its Abu Dhabi debut this October with competitions, challenges and experiences worth a lifetime. Gamers can look out for the Fortnite challenge by DELL Gaming, giving away a massive prize worth Dhs10,000 as well as 5000 Vbucks, the digital currency allowing players to make purchases. Gaming giants PlayStation, HP Omen, Logitech and DELL Gaming will have their own exhibitions too. Tickets are available on Platinumlist.