Fighting Fit Dubai Concludes With A High-Octane Fight Night

Getting out of your comfort zone is undeniably tough, but a line-up of 16 UAE-based residents chose to step out of their daily routine to take part in a homegrown reality series Fighting Fit Dubai, and go through six weeks of strenuous training including challenges that ended with an impulsive fight night last weekend.

Six weeks of training

16 contenders from different walks of life went through a life-changing six-week training camp during Fighting Fit Dubai, getting out bed to hit the gym from as early as 5:30 am daily to train and get fit for fight night. Every day, the amateur boxers were required to sprint on the treadmill, perform ten-minute long planks, bounce on tires, perform rounds of burpees and much more to push their physical limits.

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Fight night to conclude Fighting Fit Dubai’s season three

Contenders were divided in two teams, Team Blue and Team Red, to take part in a series of eight fights to determine the winning team. Team Red took the lead initially, with Harriet ‘Pocket Rocket’ Pearson winning by split decision versus Kiera ‘The Bee’ Purdue. However, four back-to-back victories helped Team Blue take a huge lead into fight night, only one win away from clinching the title.

Team Red didn’t give them an easy time, however, with two wins to get the scores level, leading to the final bout to determine the winner. In the end, Team Blue’s Conor ‘Lucky Lefty’ Byrne helped his team bag the title, winning the last fight by unanimous decision versus James ‘The Wrong’un’ Righton. All in all, Team Blue won 5-3.

Fighting Fit Dubai final to be aired on ESPN mid-May

In case you didn’t make it to the fight night last weekend, you can catch all the action on ESPN mid-May. As of now, 20 episodes are live, showing team reviews, showdowns, team challenges, extras and all the action from the training camp leading to the hotly anticipated fight night. Click here to watch the episodes.

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Fight results:

Fight one:

Harriet ‘Pocket Rocket’ Pearson VS Kiera ‘The Bee’ Purdue

WINNER: Harriet by split decision (red team)

Fight two:

‘Tommy Gun’ Fiala VS ‘Mike Mayhem’ Meijer

WINNER: Mike by split decision (blue team)

Fight three:

Liezl ‘The Beast’ Tajanlangit VS Maja ‘Thunderella’ Van Paridon

WINNER: Maja by unanimous decision (blue team)

Fight four:

Alan ‘One Punch Good’ Knight VS Josh ‘Salamander Slayer’ Ives

WINNER: Josh by TKO (blue team)

Fight five:

Danisel ‘The Dragon’ Rodriguez VS Giselle ‘Here, Hold my Cupcake’ Camoens

WINNER: Giselle by unanimous decision (blue team)

Fight six:

Danny ‘The Dog’ Lynch VS Robbie ‘The Nut Job’ Greenfield

WINNER: Danny by unanimous decision (red team)

Fight seven:

Elly ‘H’ell Raiser’ Reilly VS Laura ‘K.O’ Coughlin

WINNER: Elly by split decision (red team)

Fight eight:

James ‘The Wrong’un’ Righton VS Conor ‘Lucky Lefty’ Byrne

WINNER: Conor by unanimous decision (blue team)