Disney Plus Dubai
Disney Plus Dubai

Finally! Disney + launches in Dubai

If there was ever a time Dubai needed a Disney streaming channel, it’s now – so we’re delighted to confirm that Disney + will be streaming in Dubai from April 9.

Which means you can now get access to the full Star Wars back catalogue. Plus the full Avengers galaxy. Oh, and all the Disney and Pixar movies and series. And, if you’ve forgotten what nature and the outdoors looks like, you’ll also get Nat Geo as well.

The news was announced by TV network OSN. They’ll be adding Disney + to their streaming platform from next Thursday. The package will cost US$9.50 per month. Which in this self-isolating climate, might be the best money you spend.

Disney + must-watch shows

We have to start with The Mandalorian. This gorgeous, live-action Star Wars series picks up five years after Return of the Jedi. We don’t want to drop any spoilers, but this is one of the best recent additions to the Star Wars family in the last 20 years. It starts slow, but it builds beautifully. And it’s shot with proper Hollywood style (and budget), meaning it looks great too.

So, another big bonus of getting Disney + is it’s now the home to every Simpsons series ever made. Home in on series seasons 3-9 and some of 10 for the real good stuff. But let’s be honest, in your Coronavirus hour of need, a Simpsons episode is always welcome.

And, as we mentioned earlier, Disney + is where you’ll find all Avengers films. Which means nearly 50 hours of cinematic majesty (although that does include the first Fantastic Four film, which we all know was utterly rubbish). Plus, you can also try and watch them in the right order, which is pretty neat.

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