intercept telephone calls

Fines And Jail Time If you intercept telephone calls without permission in UAE

The UAE Public Prosecution has put out a stern warning recently.

Anyone found guilty of intercepting a telephone call without first obtaining judicial permission, will be punished with a jail term.

This offence is now considered a crime and in addition to jail time, violators can also be fined for such unlawful activity.

A Harsh Warning

The UAE Public Prosecution put out this warning on its social media channels, including Instagram.

In the statement the Authority said:

A sentence for detention and/or a fine [will be imposed on] whoever intercepts the contents of telephone calls without prior permission from the competent judicial authorities, pursuant to Article 72 bis 2 of the Federal Decree-Law No 3 of 2003 on the Regulation of the Telecommunication Sector, as amended.”

This move forms part of the Public Prosecution’s efforts to strengthen compliance on the matter, as well as to raise the bar when it comes to legal culture and raise awareness among members of the public.