Fire in warehouse

Fire Breaks Out at Tyre Warehouse in Al Qusais, Dubai

A fire broke out at around 2:31pm on Tuesday 24th September, affecting two warehouses in the area of Al Qusais, Dubai.

A three-pronged attack

Al Qusais, Al Hemriya and Al Karama emergency services had to work together to tackle the huge blaze which reportedly broke out in a tyre warehouse. Onlookers witnessed billowing clouds of black smoke emerging from the industrial area where it started.

The exact cause of the incident is still unknown, but officials confirmed that no one was hurt.

Motorists travelling from Dubai to Sharjah were faced with possible delays while the civil defense services worked to put out the flames.

Are you prepared for a fire?


Dubai has been no stranger to fire outbreaks over the last few years. Just a few months ago there was a similar situation involving a warehouse near Abu Dhabi. But as a resident in the UAE, would you know what to do if faced with a fire at home or work?

Most of us are well aware of how quickly flames spread, and at a time when panic can take over, it’s important to have fire safety awareness to fall back on.

For a start, make sure the alarms in your residence are working. You should also be clear about where to find the nearest fire extinguisher and know how to use it. Be aware of the closest fire escape in your building. In the situation of a blaze breaking out, simply being prepared could be the difference between life and death.

Steps to follow if faced with a fire

Besides calling 997 as soon as possible, here are some steps that you should follow if you’re ever faced with a spreading fire:

  1. Alert others where possible and make a quick evacuation
  2. Stay low and go – smoke rises, so if you’re in a smoke filled room, you can reduce inhalation by staying close to the floor. On the ground there’s more oxygen. You can also place a wet cloth or piece of clothing over your mouth to protect you.
  3. Check closed doors before opening them – if a door feels hot, there could be a fire on the other side. Take another route if possible.
  4. When trapped, try to seal all doors and openings with a wet cloth. Wait for help from the fire department and continue to avoid smoke inhalation as much as you can.

It’s a good idea to prepare an emergency bag of your most important documents and leave them close to an exit in your home. If you need to get out in an emergency, it makes it easier for you to grab on the way out.

You can find more good advice on this topic here on the Dubai Civil Defense website.