Coronavirus UAE
Coronavirus UAE

First case of Coronavirus confirmed in the UAE

The UAE has confirmed that the first case of the coronavirus has been found in the country.

The disease was spotted amongst family members that had arrived from Wuhan, ground zero for the infection.

The first case of the Coronavirus in the UAE was confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention. They added that the patients were in a stable condition and under medical supervision.

Over 130 now confirmed dead worldwide

The virus has spread since emerging from Wuhan, a large city in China, over a week ago. To date, nearly 6,0000 people have been infected and over 130 killed in 15 countries.

The Ministry stressed that their investigation centres were working tirelessly to monitor any more outbreaks of the virus in the UAE.

As part of that, all flights from China are now being monitored and screened by thermal imaging to help prevent the deadly virus from spreading.

Dubai International airport is ranked as the world’s third busiest with over three million Chinese passengers each year.

Deadly disease

The Coronavirus has now infected more people than the similar SARS coronavirus that spread in 2002 and 2003.

The Coronavirus affects the respiratory tract, which can lead to strong cold symptoms, a high fever, coughing or in extreme cases pneumonia.

This strand of the Coronavirus is thought to have a long incubation period meaning you could be carrying and spreading the disease but not displaying any symptoms.