Hong Kong researchers confirm Coronavirus re-infection
Hong Kong researchers confirm Coronavirus re-infection

First case of Coronavirus re-infection discovered in Hong Kong

Researchers in Hong Kong have discovered the first confirmed case of Coronavirus re-infection after a patient got ill four months later.

The 33-year-old man first had Coronavirus when the pandemic went global in March before being infected again recently.

“An apparently young and healthy patient had a second case of COVID-19 infection which was diagnosed 4.5 months after the first episode,” a University of Hong Kong statement said.

The man had mild symptoms the first time around and virtually no symptoms the second time. The Coronavirus re-infection was discovered when he returned from a trip to Spain and he had to take a test.

Coronavirus immunity?

His second infection matches with a new strain of the virus that spread around Europe in July and August.

Researchers are still trying to determine how long immunity might last after you’ve had Coronavirus. This case suggests that immunity to re-infection might only last a few months.

People can still test positive for Coronavirus several weeks after the initial infection due to them shedding ‘viral fragments.’

Other Coronaviruses including the common cold can be caught again within a year. But Doctors and experts hope that the Coronavirus antibodies will provide longer-lasting immunity.

Night-time curfew in Dubai?

Meanwhile, authorities in Dubai have warned that a night-time curfew could be re-introduced to help curb the rising Coronavirus rates in the country.

The spokesman of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) said they were looking at a range of options.

“The UAE might re-enforce the national sterilization program, which had included a night-time curfew. This would be possible in certain areas where we observe high infection cases”.

“We are prepared to face any developments under whatever circumstances,” the official said.