First Emirati board game launched in Dubai

Emirati made board game Conqueror: Final Conquest aims to muscle in on the huge market and was created right here in Dubai.

Board meeting

UAE resident Mohamed Al Qadi has created the first-ever Emirati board game, Conqueror: Final Conquest.

The traditional board game is a strategy role-playing game set in Europe in the 3rd Century. The aim is to build up your army, take over land and supplies and attempt to take over Europe. The game lets you take control of Gaul, Rome, Egypt, Persia and Greece for a truly royal rumble.

The historical board game lets between three and six players take control of a country and rule your own way. You could set up an alliance with another country, wage war like a megalomaniac or bring out the bribes. The Emirati board game also lets you recruit new heroes for your army including Julius Caesar and Leonidus. It’s essentially a board version of Game of Thrones set in the 3rd century, what’s not to love!

As well as battling the other players and armies, you have to take on natural elements including illness, plague, hurricanes and more.

Dubai Monopoly

Of course, there are other Dubai-centric board games out there as well as Conqueror: Final Conquest. The official Dubai version of Monopoly launched last November for AED199. The game features some of the city’s most famous spots including the Dubai Frame, Atlantis The Palm and Burj Khalifa. In the top spot is Burj Al Arab.

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