Photograph credit: Fitbit

Fitbit’s new device targets women with female-centric features

Activity tracker Fitbit is targeting women and children to opt for a healthy lifestyle with the launch of its latest smart devices Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition’ and ‘Fitbit Ace’ in Dubai.

Women can keep track of features beyond exercise

Health details and exercise features like continuous heart rate and workout plans and modes by Adidas are available on the new device, which comes under the banner of ‘Fitbit Versa’. What makes it more specific to women is that it can keep track of features like “monitoring menstrual cycles, estimated fertile windows and overall wellness,” according to Khaleej Times. Pricing starts from 899 dhs.

Smartwatches for children will help families as a whole

Wristbands created for children aged eight and above has features dealing with tracking active minutes, hours of sleep, badge rewards and daily target activities. Activities can be connected to parents’ Fitbit devices so they can keep an eye on their children’s’ activities. The watch isn’t available in UAE but can be pre-ordered through its official website.

Fitbit Versa’s latest update includes personalized features

Users can view activities and targets on the new personalized dashboard interface. The user-friendly technology comes with simplified exercise summaries and reminders for targets. Additionally, the Fitbit Versa is the company’s lightest smartwatch, waterproof up to 50m and has a battery life that can last up to five days.

Coaching features are available on Fitbit too

Those who prefer to work out alone instead of a gym can opt for the Fitbit Coach membership costing $40(147 dhs). The coach membership only requires the member and a good deal of space around to perform workouts. The watch and the app will show lists of exercises along with videos and animations as per how to perform exercises.