Five cleaning hacks that will change your life in Dubai
Five cleaning hacks that will change your life in Dubai

Five cleaning hacks that will change your life in Dubai

Cleaning is one of those painfully boring but ultimately vital parts of living in Dubai. 

With sand everywhere and white floors showing up the dirt, you really have to keep up with your cleaning in Dubai. And let’s face it – who wants to bring your girlfriend, parents or mates back to a dirty flat that looks like something out of Trainspotting! 

Which is why we’re big fans of who take care of all the dirty jobs for us. 

But if you’re more of a DIY fan, here are five ace tips to help you clean up and keep your home looking sharp. 

Use old socks to clean 

We love this for two reasons – it’s a great use of old socks and it’s super easy and lazy. Stick two old socks on each hand and then use them to clean and wipe surfaces. Even better, use them to clean blinds – just slide your hands along and then sweep up the dust afterwards. 

Baby wipes to the rescue 

Bulk buy baby wipes – and ideally biodegradable ones. Then use them to mop, wipe and soak up any spills or stains. Wonderfully lazy and wonderfully effective. They contain delicate cleaning agents, so won’t stain or harm surfaces and they dry fast. But please please please use eco-friendly wipes. 

White vinegar 

White vinegar is a bit of a super solution when it comes to cleaning. Use about 5% of white vinegar to 95% water and you have a killer cleaning product – which is especially important considering the recent pandemic! It will deal with a lot of bacteria and cut through grime. And it’s brilliant at making your bathroom fittings like taps and showerheads sparkle. 

Get a hand-held Hoover 

We love cool gadgets at DubaiLAD. But one of the best – and most boring – is our handheld hoover. Yes, we know, we used to be cool. Keep it recharged and handy and you’ll instantly be able to tidy on the go. Which is a lot easier than waking up the next morning with a sore head and being faced with a mountain of tidying. 

Get creative with your dishwasher 

Whoever invented the dishwasher is a genius. But go one step further by using the dishwasher to wash other things like fridge shelves, extractor fan filters, golf balls (in a bag, obvs), garden tools and loads more.