Photograph credit: Page Six

Floyd Mayweather Pulls Out Of Bout With Tenshin Nasukawa

Hopes of a Floyd Mayweather comeback lasted just three days after he rubbished false allegations about him fighting Japan’s kickboxing and MMA champion, Tenshin Nasukawa.

Mayweather insists the fight was never official

Mayweather took to Instagram to post a lengthy message, explaining what happened. First off, he “never agreed to an official bout” with Nasukawa. He didn’t know who the 20-year-old kickboxer was “until this recent trip to Japan.” During his “disappointing” trip to Japan, he was allegedly only requested to take part in “a nine-minute exhibition of three rounds with an opponent selected by the Rizen ‘Fighting Federation’.”

Fake news about the rematch

Mayweather explained they were in talks about an exhibition match that was supposed to be “put on for a small group of wealthy spectators for a very large fee.” It was purely for entertainment purposes. The fight wasn’t going to be televised or represented as an official fight.

Mayweather and team “derailed” about press conference direction

Despite the unusual combination, it seemed as the fight is officially happening, when both Mayweather and Nasukawa posed for a series of photographs at the press conference. However, the retired boxing icon dismissed the flow of events, saying he and his team were “completely derailed” and “put a stop to it immediately.”

Conor McGregor trolls Mayweather

When the news came out, Irish UFC champ Conor McGregor responded with an Instagram post, asking Mayweather “What the —- is going on here?” He joked about the news a “mad —-,” wishing the retired boxing legend “Fair —- to you mate. No lie.”