Photograph credit: Flickr

Football Fans In Mexico Were In The Verge Of Creating A Natural Disaster And Here’s How

Mexico played its first match this FIFA World Cup and their supporters in Mexico City were so excited when they scored the first goal to the extent to which a natural disaster could’ve happened.

Loud celebrations almost led to an earthquake

Fans gathered in huge crowds in Mexico City to support their National team as they took on Germany in the Group F match. Soon after Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano scored a goal in the 35th minute, fans in Mexico City went so berzerk that Mexico’s Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Research witnessed two sensors identify a minor earthquake. This photograph shows the tremor being felt at 11:32 am.

Photograph credit: Twitter.SIMMSAmex

Mexico won the match against Germany

Chucky’s goal was the only goal scored in the match despite the 26 shots attempted by Germany, especially in the last ten minutes of the match. The defending champions were among the five favourites to win the World Cup and had also won the mini World Cup-FIFA Confederations Cup. Germany lost its first opening FIFA World Cup match after 36 years, losing 2-1 to Algeria in 1982.

Mexican fans haven’t been the only ones to cause a disaster

Not only Mexico fans, but something similar happened in Peru too last year in the World Cup qualifying match against New Zealand in the capital city of Lima. Peru’s forward Jefferson Farfan scored the first goal of the match and its supporters got so loud that a warning was alarmed on Chile’s Seismology department.