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For The First Time, You Can Win Big By Just Sleeping

No kiddin’ but there’s a legit competition coming up next month in Dubai wherein those who can sleep for the longest number of hours can win a custom-made prize!

Winning never got easier

For those who can sleep their way out during a fire drill, noisy traffic, loudspeakers with its volume on blast and at any given moment, this is the time to showcase your talent! Adding to the hype, there’s a super cool prize for the winner; a mattress sponsored by luxury mattress store, DeRucci, which will be perfectly matched to the winner’s sleep requirement, thanks to the fancy tech by its Mattress Selecting System.

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Snoozers, where you at?!

First off, snoozers and nappers will have to submit a 150-word sleep story and the four most bizarre, out of the world and unusual stories will be picked. Whether it’s about sleeping on a flight witnessing a havoc situation or sleeping on a job interview or on a date night, make sure it’s an experience never heard of! The last date for submitting your story is on 2nd September and you submit your story on this link:

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Break from being sleep deprived

Last year, medical insurance company Bupa Global performed a research on sleeping patterns among residents in UAE and its results were startling. Their finding showed that only 12% of surveyed residents got eight hours of daily sleep, 13% of surveyed residents get less than five hours of sleep per night and 25% of surveyed residents claim work-related stress the primary reason for lack of sleep.

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