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For The Sake Of Love, This Dubai Resident’s Horrific Move Landed Him With A Fine

Love and suspicion took a quite a bad impact on this Dubai Resident, who went on to make an insane move to spy on his wife but soon got caught by Dubai Police.

Man wore a burqa for spying(for reals!)

No kiddin’ but this Dubai resident dressed in traditional Arab abaya, niqab and gloves to cover his face and to simultaneously spy on his wife. It was at the Fahidi metro station where the resident got caught by Dubai Police and is now in trouble with a fine. You’d feel sorry to know the reason for his spying attempt.

Gif credit: Giphy

Suspicion was the reason for all this spying

Here’s how it goes, the man, identified as an Asian and works in the city as a sales manager, felt suspicious about his partner, believing she’s having an affair with someone else. In his attempt to spy over his partner, he left from work and headed towards the metro station, dressing in a burqa, but the spying landed with a big fine.

Gif credit: Giphy

Now he’s charged with a Dhs 2000 fine

Uh oh! All for the sake of love, the Asian male has been slapped with a Dhs 2,000 fine by Dubai Police and didn’t let him enter the metro station. He overheard his partner while talking to her secret lover, saying she would meet him on a weekday morning. Also, Dubai Police has strict rules over invading someone else’s privacy, which can lead to hefty fines and imprisonment.