Fortnite bans Jarvis Kaye

Fortnite Bans Jarvis Kaye From The Game After Cheating Scandal

The popular game Fortnite, which has taken the gaming world by storm, has banned one of its professional players, Jarvis Kaye, for life after he was caught cheating.

Jarvis Kaye caught using aimbots

British teenager, Jarvis Kaye, is a professional Fortnite player and member the eSports team FaZe Clan. It’s estimated that the young gamer has a net worth of over $1 million thanks to his reputation as a player but after being caught using aimbots, the game’s developer, Epic Games, has slapped him with a lifetime ban. Kaye openly shared videos of himself playing whilst using the aimbots, which allow players to shoot without the challenge of having to aim accurately.

Teenager uploads emotional apology

The 17 year old shared this emotional video on YouTube apologising to his fans for the ban and expressing his sadness at being excluded from the Fortnite community. He said he didn’t think of the consequences of using the aimbots and would never had done it if he had known the punishment would be so severe.

Mixed reactions to the ban

Some fans have voiced their feelings about Epic Games’ decision to enforce a lifetime ban on Jarvis, stating that it’s too harsh and an unfair move. Even though Kaye’s mother has tried to stop him playing the game in the past, she has also been very vocal about the impact that the ban has had on her son. She shared her thoughts in a since deleted Facebook post:

It’s my turn at the moment to be feeling that abject pain, despair and helplessness today. My youngest son Jarvis made a genuine, naive error of judgement and is currently banned for life from something he loves.

Barbara Khattri

Not all fans were sympathetic to Jarvis’s situation though. After he shared a Tweet saying sorry, some responded to say that he should have known better.

Seems the apology is too late for Jarvis though, Fornite has a clear stance on cheating. Let’s see if he manages to return to the game somehow or not.