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Fortnite Teams Up With Weezer To Release New Album

Epic Games’ widely popular offering, Fortnite is collaborating with ‘90s rock band Weezer to release their new album as they struggle to find their identity in an age of mumble rap and millennial pop.

Album debut on Fortnite

Frontman Rivers Cuomo returned with his band for the release of their 13th album, ‘Weezer (Black Album). To mark the release, the Fortnite developer team built a custom ‘Weezer World’ map, displaying a disco dance floor, a concert stadium and the band’s famous ‘W’ logo. Gamers can step into the island and listen to all the songs from the latest album.

Weezer’s comeback

Ask any millennial about Weezer and they’d be hard-pressed to recall their music. The rock band was a polarizing figure in the rock scene in the turn of the millennium, delivering hits like “Buddy Holly,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “Island In The Sun” and “Perfect Situation.” In 2017, Weezer made a comeback with the release of ‘Pacific Daydream’ and their self-titled album this month.  

Not the first musical gig on Fortnite

Last month, “Happier” hitmaker and DJ Marshmello performed a live concert in the battle-royale game. The live gig went on for ten hours with free access for gamers. The virtual event was watched by over 10.7 million people, making it the biggest event in Fortnite. In fact, the American DJ often makes performs in the game, playing a live set last November.