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Four UAE And Saudi Arabian Ships Attacked Near Fujairah

On Sunday, four commercial ships were subjected to sabotage near the UAE’s territorial waters in the Gulf of Oman, east of Fujairah.

Attack on four UAE and Saudi Arabian ships

UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) announced four commercial ships came under attack near the Strait of Hormuz, a key waterway for crude exports. Jaber Al Lamki, an executive director at the UAE’s National Media Council, said, “The incident was an attempt to sabotage not just boats, but one aimed at undermining global oil supplies and maritime security.”

No injuries or spills reported

MOFAIC says no injuries or fatalities have been reported, neither was there any spillage of harmful chemicals or fuel. The authority also dismissed “baseless” rumours about the incident taking place at the Fujairah Port, since it happened on the waters of Gulf of Oman. Operations at the Fujairah Port are ongoing as usual.

Saudi Arabia condemns sabotage act

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, condemning the act of sabotage. They also claim the incident poses a “dangerous threat to the safety of navigation and affects negatively regional and international security.” As of now, the US has been requested for technical assistance in assessing the damage to the vessels.