Photograph credit: Pixabay and Flickr/Charanjit Chana

Four-Year-Old Dies After Being Hit By Reversing Car In Dubai

A four-year-old girl was hit and killed after a motorist reversing her car accidentally stepped on the accelerator outside a school in Dubai.

Four-year-old and her mother struck by reversing car

At 3:40 pm Monday, a female motorist rammed into a mother and her daughter as they crossed a road outside a school in Jebel Ali. The pair were crushed between the reversing car and a parked vehicle.

First Responders from Dubai Police quickly arrived at the scene, and confirmed the child passed away. The mother sustained a fracture and was taken to NMC Hospital for treatment.

The driver of the car reportedly said that she had mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the tragic death of the four-year-old Dubai student.

Police continue to flag the importance of road safety

Dubai Police took to Facebook to share details about the incident and numerous followers expressed their condolences towards the family.

This isn’t the first incident of an accident at a school in Dubai this year. Last month, a security guard at Universal American School lost his life after a speeding car hit him as he was helping children cross a road.

At the beginning of the school year, Dubai Police communicated a message regarding road safety when they shared an image on social media. Little did they know that October and now November would see two fatal accidents occurring outside school gates. The police continue to spread the warning to drivers about observing road safety in school zones, and in general as the Give Way, Give Hope campaign continues.