Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Free WiFI Across The UAE On National Day And The Week Ahead

In line with the UAE’s 47th National Day celebrations, telecom giants du and Etisalat are offering superfast WiFi connections for free till 9th December.

Free WiFi for Etisalat users this week

Available across malls, cafes, beaches, metro and parks, Etisalat users can enjoy free WiFi by logging on ‘UAE WiFi by Etisalat.’ Etisalat says “Customers will experience high speeds and superb quality free of charge across Etisalat’s WiFi network to exchange greetings, share photos, access social networking websites and surf online.”

Super-fast WiFi for du users

Without having to pay a premium, du users can access super-fast WiFi until 9th December. Subscribers of du Home Service can enjoy access to 200+ TV channels till 3rd December too. Plus, Emiratis can enjoy a free 47gb data plan when activated between 1st-3rd December. All it requires is dialling *055#. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can avail this deal.

Double internet speeds for Emiratis

For an entire month, Emirati customers can enjoy double internet speeds. Speeds will go back what they were originally once the month-long period expires. Eligible customers’ packages will activate automatically. Check their website for more details.