Freedom Pizza team up with Team Angel Wolf
Freedom Pizza team up with Team Angel Wolf

Freedom Pizza partner with Team Angel Wolf to create feel-good tasty pizza!

DubaiLAD love Freedom Pizza and we love Team Angel Wolf, so news that they’re collaborating over pizza is making our stomachs happily rumble.

Freedom Pizza have teamed up with Team Angel Wolf to ‘help raise awareness of their inspirational mission to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities and for society to embrace healthier lifestyles.’

Which in practice means they’ve created a super healthy and super tasty new pizza including vegan cheese, spinach, mushroom, caramelized onion, pine nuts, truffle oil, basil and garlic. Impressively, it’s the fourth vegan pizza on their menu.

Who are Team Angel Wolf

Team Angel Wolf is made up of Nick and Delphine Watson and their two kids Rio and Tia. They’re most famous for extreme endurance races across the region that involve their children including Rio, a 17-year-old person of determination. They’re also a licensed non-profit foundation who do so much good for the community and beyond.

Nick recently climbed the height equivalent of the Burj Khalifa with Rio strapped to his back. Which inspired hundreds of copycat attempts at the challenge, all helping encourage togetherness.

And the team were delighted to collaborate with Freedom Pizza on their plant-based diet.

‘As a ‘plant-eating’ healthy family, we care about the food we consume. So we fully appreciate the time they spend to source quality, fresh ingredients. There is nothing better than participating in a hard endurance race with inclusion as a family, knowing there is a yummy, healthy pizza coming at the end… it keeps the whole family happy! When the opportunity came to create our own Team Angel Wolf pizza with Freedom Pizza we jumped at the dream. We hope you enjoy the new creation!”

And let’s be clear about this, anything with truffle oil is a winner in our pizza world. And double points for no pineapple!