‘Friends’ Inspired Cafe Opens Its Doors In Dubai

Something’s brewing for ‘Friends’ TV show fans, a Central Perk-inspired cafe has opened its doors at Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa in Dubai.

Central Perk-inspired cafe in Dubai

‘Friends’ fans, rejoice! If you grew up watching the iconic ‘90s TV show and still miss the unbreakable friendship among the six pals, Cross Cultural Perks is there for you. The new hangout spot had a soft opening at Arabian Courtyard & Spa in Al Fahidi this week. Similar to the popular fictional cafe, Central Perk, Cross Cultural Perks cafe describes itself as a “comfortable lounge style where friends come to meet.”

Photograph credit: Cross Cultural Perks

‘Friends’ themed cafe with a diverse concept

Just like Dubai’s multi-cultural demographics, Cross Cultural Perks cuisine is a reflection of our city. Fans of the ‘90s sitcom can enjoy a variety of multi-cuisine dishes, be it Emirati, Indian, American or Asian . Cross Cultural Perks terms its concept as “representing a novel concept of supporting and promoting cross-cultural diversity, in terms of food and dialogues.” The coffee house also has free WiFi, live sports and a bar.

Did you know there were two Central Perk-inspired cafes in Dubai?

Dubai had two cafes inspired by the getaway spot back in the day, with one situated in Umm Suqeim and one in Mirdiff. Interestingly, the Umm Suqeim coffee house hosted James Michael Tyler, aka Gunther as the barista for its launch in 2006. The businesses eventually shut down, however.

central perk dubai

Photograph credit: TripAdvisor