Fuel prices for April are announced

Petrol prices remain unfluctuated besides for diesel which has reduced by 3 fils as Ministry of Energy announced fuel prices for the month of April today.

Crude oil prices have increased this month.

UAE’s Fuel Price Committee determines fuel costs based on international crude oil prices. During the month of February, crude oil brent prices increased from USD $66.52 to $69.54 for the end of March. For the month of April, Super 98 costs 2.33 dhs, Special 95 costs 2.22 dhs, E Plus 91 costs 2.14 dhs and Diesel reduced from 2.43 dhs to 2.40 dhs


Fuel prices were highest during February this year.

Increasing by a minimum of 5%, February witnessed Super 98 petrol costing 2.36 dhs, Special 95 costing 2.25, E Plus 91 costing 2.17 and Diesel costing 2.49 dhs. Since then, March witnessed slight reduction and remains unchanged for April.

Motorists are warned not to ‘fill and run’

Cases have occurred of drivers leaving the gas station without paying for fuel in the past. Gas stations across the country have issued notices warning drivers to pay or will not be allowed to exit the station. They will not accept identification cards as a guarantee.