Photograph credit: PxHere

Fuel Prices For July Announced

Good news! Ministry of Energy has announced fuel prices for the month of July inclusive of Value-Added Tax(VAT) and fuel rates have reduced from last month.

Super 98 has had the most decrease

For the month of July, petrol prices have dropped by seven fils, now charging 2.56 dhs per litre, followed by Special 95 dropped by six fils, now charging 2.45 dhs per litre. Diesel rates have reduced too, costing Dhs 2.66 per litre, down by five fils. The new fuel rates will be a relief for drivers, especially after fuel rates in June reached the highest levels since UAE deregulated fuel prices in 2015.

Photograph credit: Twitter/ENOC

Brent Oil is edging the $80 per barrel mark

Crude oil trading classification Brent Crude from the UK crossed the $75 per barrel mark at the end of May and is now priced at $79.42. Whereas, West Texas Intermediate(WTI) Crude from the US has witnessed an increase in their price too, from $66.85 to $74.25.

Motorists are warned not to ‘fill and run’

Cases have occurred of drivers leaving the gas station without paying for fuel in the past. Gas stations across the country have issued notices warning drivers to pay or will not be allowed to exit the station. They will not accept identification cards as a guarantee.

Check out these techniques that can help you save fuel

Don’t let rising fuel prices worry you. To start off, using the cruise control, keeping the tires inflated and sparing the AC(during the winter season) can be of help in cutting your vehicle’s fuel economy, maintaining a low RPM and reduce gas consumption. Other techniques like carpooling and avoiding aggressive driving can save you on cash by dividing it with passengers and reducing expenditure on car maintenance.