Fujairah's Umbrella Beach to get Dubai-style makeover
Fujairah's Umbrella Beach to get Dubai-style makeover

Fujairah’s Umbrella Beach to get Dubai-style makeover

Umbrella Beach in Fujairah is to get a Dubai-style makeover including a drive-in cinema, climbing wall and volleyball courts.

The first part of the new look Umbrella Beach will be creating 15 shops along the beachfront.

They’ll then add jogging tracks, basketball and volleyball courts, restaurants, a climbing wall and even a drive=in cinema.

East Coast holidays are sounding good!

The beach, originally known as Al Faseel, is better known as Umbrella Beach thanks to its multi-coloured shelter and BBQ areas.

And it’s all part of Fujairah’s drive to show there’s more to the UAE than just Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“As one of the UAE’s smaller emirates, Fujairah is frequently overlooked by tourists and visitors to the country,” says Umbrella Beach project manager Abdullah Taleb.

“We will have something for everyone, regardless of age, nationality or background. Along with local visitors from Fujairah and the next-door emirate of Sharjah, we hope to draw tourists from all over the region – and the world.”

The DubaiLAD team already love the hotels at Al Aqah Beach. Plus the region has some of the best diving in the area.

And with the Fujairah Corniche next up for redevelopment, Fujairah really could be the next Middle East hot spot.