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Gaia Chef Izu Ani Bans Prominent Food Blogger After Review Spat

Dubai’s prominent chef, Izu Ani banned Samantha Wood’s Foodiva from his DIFC restaurant, Gaia after her negative review, which he claims is “personal.”

Bad blood after a negative review by Foodiva

Foodiva has been around the dining scene for several years, reviewing some of the country’s well known and celebrity chef-owned restaurants. This time, Foodiva came under scrutiny after publishing a negative review written by a guest blogger about Chef Izu Ani’s latest eatery, Gaia, giving them a 2/5 rating. A part of the review reads, “They set the expectations very high for the diner.”

Photograph credit: Gaia

Chef Izu Ani bans Foodiva from entering Gaia

In a statement to Caterer Middle East, Chef Izu Ani said he finds the review “personal” and Foodiva wrote a negative review “ to make a name behind it.” He said, “GAIA has been received fantastically by a lot of people and for somebody to want to make a name behind it… it’s not nice.” “The people that matter, they love it. And the people that don’t matter, like her… I’ve banned her from setting foot anywhere near here,” he added.

History behind Ani-Wood spat

Caterer Middle East says the Dubai-based chef and Samantha Wood from Foodiva haven’t been in good terms since his restaurant, Carine approached her to be part of Foodiva’s ‘Dine In Dubai’ series, for which she demanded “thousands of dirhams.”

You can read the review here.

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