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Photograph credit: PUBG (Official Facebook page)

Gamer Dies After Playing PUBG For Six Hours Straight

PUBG has claimed another life, as after a teenager died because of a six-hour session spent on the battle-royale game.

Six hours of PUBG

Last week, Furkhan Qureshi, a 16-year-old teenager in India, passed away after playing PUBG for six hours without taking a break.  His father, Harun Qureshi, said he collapsed after six hours of gameplay and began shouting. “Furkhan started playing the game right after lunch and it continued for over six hours. Just before he collapsed, he became very agitated and started shouting at other players,” he said.

His sister, Fiza Qureshi said, “My brother was playing PUBG with some of his friends. Suddenly, he started shouting, “carry out the blast… carry out blast.”  Then he threw his earphones and mobile and cried saying, “I will not play with you. I lost the game because of you.”

Not the first time PUBG claimed a life

Last September, a Chinese teenager plunged to death from his uncle’s fourth-floor apartment. His mother said he was inspired by the game and attempted to make the jump to see if he could survive the fall like the characters in the battle-royale game.