Dubai Police Viraj Asher
Dubai Police Viraj Asher

Gamers! Dubai Police Have Issued A Warning You Need To Know About

Dubai Police have issued a warning that downloading games for free, although big business for developers, can infringe on gamers privacy.

Profit through data collection

Looks like there is some shady business going on. After downloading a game, its developers can access users’ personal information and the more downloads, the more data. Dubai Police warn, “most ‘Free’ online games make a profit through collecting and exploiting personal information thus violating your privacy, so be careful and spread awareness among your family members”.

Zero tolerance for piracy in UAE

Downloading pirated games can get in you in all sorts of trouble, including malware, legal and gaming console performance. It’s illegal to download pirated content in UAE and an infringement of intellectual rights and according to Khaleej Times, uploading pirated content and torrents can lead to fines worth up to Dhs50,000 and imprisonment.

Gaming industry is worth $108.9 billion

Research from SuperData, a gaming insights and data center showed revenues from the gaming industry earning a whopping $108.9 billion(Dhs399.2 bn) in 2017. Out of which, the top three sectors were mobile games earning $59.2 billion(Dhs217.4 bn), PC games earning $33 billion(Dhs121.2 bn) and gaming consoles earning $8.3 billion(Dhs30.5 bn).