Dubai gazelles reclaim the streets
Dubai gazelles reclaim the streets

Gazelles start roaming streets of Dubai as people stay indoors

With Dubai on a virtual shut-down due to the Coronavirus, nature has been slowly reclaiming the streets with gazelles spotted roaming in parts of Dubai!

A Gulf News reader spotted these gazelles roaming in The Gardens area in Jebel Ali. And don’t they look happy to have their city back!

Gazelle spotters will note these are the Arabian Sand Gazelle or Reem Gazelle, often found sandy dunes. The other type of gazelle in the UAE is the Mountain Gazelle found in mountainous areas, obvs.

Animals reclaiming nature

The gazelles are just the latest in a long line of animals slowly reclaiming nature.

These mountain goats were spotted in Wales.

And over in America, these Mountain Lions were spotted prowling around Colorado!

To be honest, we’re pretty glad to just have gazelles reclaiming Dubai. America can keep their mountain lions, thanks!

And if you’re like us, and you want to re-start 2020 and get a do-over, an online petition to start the year again has reached one billion signatures!