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Gear Up Gamers! Xbox Is Launching New Hardware Very Soon

Software mogul Microsoft teased a new hardware which will be launched next month and it’s expected to bring in a lot of change to the Xbox gaming experience.

New hardware will be launched on 21st August

Mark the date gamers, Microsoft will be doing a live-stream, introducing Xbox’s latest hardware, including its features, specifications, improvements and their accessories. They’re appearing at this year’s Games Con in Germany happening next month and it’s very likely the new hardware launch will happen from there.

Next Xbox console will be launched in 2020

By 2020, Xbox is coming up with a “family of devices” and its chief, Phil Spencer said that Microsoft is “deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles” last month during the E3 gaming convention. E3. Not only that, the team working in the works of the next console are researching deep into artificial intelligence to make the Xbox gaming experience “fun and immersive”.

Microsoft made quite a statement at E3 2018

Last month, for the annual international gaming convention, E3, the software giant stole the show with 50 games lined up for release this year, out of which 18 games were Xbox exclusives and 15 of them were world premiers, including games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 4. The big line up of games are filling up the purpose of creating diversity in Xbox games.