In car raves Germany
In car raves Germany

Germany hosts the first-ever in-car raves to get around Coronavirus restrictions!

Want to rave during these Coronavirus times? Well, us too, truth be told at times.

Which is why we love the in-car raves that have started in Germany.

Hosted by Club Index in Schüttorf and World Club Dome in Düsseldorf, the parties see 250 cars gather for a rave. And to comply with social distancing, each car was limited to two people.

The raves have a full festival stage with a banging sound and lighting rig. And there were several DJs on hand to play to the audience. And yes, the DJs are aware they need to keep their distance from each other as well.

The world's first drive-in raves are being held in Germany

One of the DJs Nitefield spoke to music magazine Mixmag about the in-car raves.

“We didn’t have any personal interaction with the audience at all, it was really challenging to call them into action.

“Some people from the ‘crowd’ started to push their horns which gave us great feedback and from that point, we knew how to communicate with them and we could turn this event into something really personal.”

DubaiLAD in-car rave coming to a car park near you soon?! What a wheely good idea. Think we’ll steer clear of any more bad puns now though.