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As weird as it sounds with everything that 2020 has thrown at us, there’s never been a better time to buy a car thanks to the 4-day Alba Cars summer sale.

The roads are quiet. Petrol prices have hit rock bottom. And the good people at Alba Cars have got the Summer Sale of the year on at the moment, meaning you can pick up an absolute bargain. But be quick, as the sale is on from Thursday 25 June until Sunday 28 June. 

And when we say sale of the year, we mean it. Every car has been reduced with up to AED20,000 off some cars. Which is a lot of spare change you can spend on extra shwarmas. Plus, they’re throwing in 0% down payment to make the sale even juicier.

Our car picks 

Audi A 6
Now in its fifth generation, the Audi A6 isn’t just a competitor to BMW and Mercedes, we think it’s even better. Stylish and spacious, it’s pretty much everything you’d want from a car. Especially at the Alba Cars sale prices! 

Maserati Ghibli 
You’re in Dubai where cars are historically cheaper (not to mention insurance and petrol). So, why not treat yourself to a high-end car. Like the Maserati Ghibli which is sporty, luxurious and definitely not a generic 4×4 (yawn) like most drivers. 

Volvo XC90
Long gone are the days when Volvos were considered the boring choice. While they’re still one of the safest cars on the market, they’ve added a lot of style to their design. And this XC90 is the luxury SUV that will never let you down. Which is especially important in 2020, as let’s face it, there’s either going to be a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion to round off the year.

Deals deals deals!

Every car gets a free warranty and service contract. And you can even trade-in your current motor as part of the sale. And Alba Cars are also on hand to offer flexible financing options if you need them. And don’t forget, the sale is on from Thursday 25 June until Sunday 28 June so get in quickly!

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