Nitro Coffee Planet

Get your caffeine fix with the supercool Nitro Cold Brew made in the UAE

With summer coming, you need a drink to cool you down, and the favourite in the Dubailad office is the Coffee Planet Nitro Cold Brew.

Not only is the low-calorie ice-cold drink full of caffeine, but it’s also a local brand. And we love supporting local companies where we can.

The Nitro Cold Brew crafting process starts with a blend of ground coffees from Arabica coffee farmers.

They’re then steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours. This creates a concentrated coffee that’s high on flavour and natural sweetness. The longer steeping period also gives is a smoother and less acidic taste.

The cold brew is then nitrogenated. Which is a posh word that essentially makes the drink rich and creamy. Yummmmmy!

The ready-to-drink Nitro Cold Brew is available from ADNOC and Choitrams. And comes in three flavours – Black, Latte and Vanilla Latte.

Plus, it’s also a low-calorie, low-sugar treat. The calorie count ranges from only 5 in the Nitro Black to 38 in the Nitro Latte and Nitro Vanilla Latte, with more flavours and varieties coming soon.

Coffee Planet launched in 2005 and has become one of the region’s big success stories. And that’s set to continue with these essential cold brew drinks, helping cool you down this summer.

Ours is a Vanilla Latte, btw!