"Give way in the Fast Lane” or be fined AED400
"Give way in the Fast Lane” or be fined AED400

“Give way in the Fast Lane” or be fined AED400

Dubai Police have launched a ‘Give way in the Fast lane’ campaign and will be fining those who refuse AED400 and four black points on your license.

If you’re caught driving slowly in the fast lane and don’t give way to faster cars, you could get the AED400 fine and black points under the 2017 Rules and Procedures for Traffic Control resolution.

And it’s hoped the campaign will “control road safety and security, reduce accidents and prevent aggressive driving behaviours.”

‘The two-month traffic safety campaign is to raise awareness among community members and motorists on the importance of giving way in the far left lane (fast lane) and limiting its use to overtaking and emergency vehicles. It also highlights the importance of using indicators when changing lanes, as well as the importance of keeping a safe distance between vehicles to avoid collisions.’

It’s official – UAE women drivers better than men

A new report proves once and for all that women drivers are statistically better than men with fewer accidents in the UAE.

The RoadSafetyUAE report finds that over the last eight years, women have been involved in nearly 10% less road accidents than men.

And over the last six months, they’ve been involved in 5% fewer accidents than men.

Which is proof – if you needed it – that women are statistically better drivers than men.

Other key takeaways from the report included

• Understand, own and use child seats better
• Tailgate less
• Use mobile phones less
• Speed less
• Indicate more

It wasn’t all good news for women drivers in the UAE, however.

The report found that although women were more unlikely to experience road rage. But if they do experience the red mist, they’re 11% to experience it more severely. And more often.