Global Coronavirus cases pass 10 million
Global Coronavirus cases pass 10 million

Global Coronavirus cases pass 10 million

2020 has been full of grim landmarks, but this could be the worst yet as over 10 million Coronavirus cases have been recorded globally.

While some parts of the world are returning to normal, cases continue to rise including dramatic rises in Brazil, America and India.

To date, more than half a million people have died due to the virus in seven months. And twice as many people have been infected by Covid-19 than with severe flu. Which highlights just how contagious the virus is.

Make sure to check out the John Hopkins University for all the latest global figures.

America worst hit

While Dubai is returning to some degree of normalcy after an effective quarantine lockdown, other countries have seen surges in cases.

America now has the most cases around the world and a quarter of the global total with 2.5m confirmed cases and over 125,000 deaths. Parts of the country have gone back into lockdown including Florida and Texas.

Other countries with high case numbers include Brazil with 1.3 million confirmed cases and over 57,000 deaths.

The UAE meanwhile now has 47,360 confirmed cases, 35,834 recoveries and 378 new overnight cases of Coronavirus. Impressively, the UAE also carried out 52,527 tests yesterday.

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