Global Village Dubai
Global Village Dubai

Global Village to re-open in October for its Silver Jubilee

A sure-fire sign that Dubai is slowly getting back to normal is the return of Global Village which will reopen in October.

The huge global attraction had to close down early during its 24th season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

But Global Village is set to quickly bounce back as it’s due to reopen from October 2020 until April 2021 for its 25th season.

And to mark the silver jubilee, the team are announcing something big, according to Khadija Khalifa, senior director commercial at Global Village. And they mean record-breaking big!

“Currently, the target is above 7 million visitors,” he told the Khaleej Times recently. “We are coordinating with local authorities to make sure that we achieve these numbers and close the silver jubilee edition on a high note,” she added.

Impressively, ticket prices will remain very affordable at AED15 each. And, as usual, there will be a huge range of stands and countries on display, including 140 food kiosks.

The team have already registered over 2,000 partners for the silver jubilee season. Meaning more gifts, rides, shows and snacks. And more Zombie laser tag!

Global attraction

Incredibly, not only is it one of Dubai’s most popular tourist attractions, but it’s also one of the world’s most visited attractions!

Since opening in 1997, Global Village has attracted more than 90 million visitors. Which means it now competes with Disney around the world for the most-visited attraction in the world. Which is AMAZING. Obviously.

And we can’t wait to be back there this year!