Dubai airports ban single use plastics
Dubai airports ban single use plastics

Going green! Dubai airports ban all single use plastic

Happy eco days! Dubai airports are to ban all single-use plastic as the city works its way towards a zero-plastic future.

With Dubai Expo just around the corner and the UAE keen to minimise its eco-footprint, this big move will go a long way to reducing plastic waste.

Dubai welcomes nearly 100 million passengers through its airports each year, creating 5,500 tonnes of plastic. To combat that, Dubai Airports have banned all single-use plastics from the terminals, including…

Water bottles and straws
Plastic and polythene bags in cafes and restaurants

The move was announced last year and has officially started this month. The aim is to phase all single-use plastic out of Dubai’s two airports by the end of the year.

McDonald’s and Costa follow suit

The news that Dubai airport is to ban single-use plastic has inspired other companies to follow suit. McDonald’s are to go plastic-free and replace nearly six million items with recyclable materials. Meanwhile, Costa is introducing a new fully sustainable coffee cup at its airport outlets.

Dubai’s airports already recycle a lot of their plastic with 11,000 plastic bottles recycled each day from security checkpoints.

Dubai airports have now joined San Francisco, Mumbai and New Delhi to ban single-use plastic.

Eugene Barry, Dubai Airports’ executive vice president (commercial), said: “Ninety-five per cent of our partners have actually made the pledge to switch from plastic to appropriate and relevant substitutes for some of the products that are used in catering and retail across the airport.”