Dubai Sky Pods
Dubai Sky Pods

Goodbye traffic jams, as ‘Sky pods’ coming to Dubai soon!

The Dubai Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) has signed a deal to build futuristic sky pods suspended across Dubai to help reduce traffic.

Described as a cross between ‘a monorail and ski lift,’ each four-seater pod can travel at up to 30mph on a series of connected beams. Each pod has a drive unit with brakes and works on a network of beams that criss-cross the city.

The move is part of Dubai’s goal to have 25% of journeys taken via mass transit systems.

Dubai’s sky pod network will likely have 21 stations across 15km of track. And it will be able to take up to 8,400 passengers an hour in each direction.

Save time and money

The Dubai government’s Self-Driving Transport Strategy forecasts that the sky pod scheme could reduce transport costs by AED900 million a year.

This could also lead to reducing environmental pollution. And it’s likely to boost economic returns due to increasing transportation efficiency.

Which in short means quicker journeys, less pollution and more money saved.

Other schemes the RTA is trialling include an autonomous air taxi and building an extra 425 km of cycle lanes.

Sharjah is also getting in on the driverless mass transport systems. They’re test-running their own sky pods at the moment!

What’s next, flying cars? Hoverboards?