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A group of kids in Vietnam are garnering everyone’s attention after a viral video surfaced of them using a dead snake for a skipping rope. 

Skipping with a dead snake, say what?!

Maybe you could expect this sort of behavior from the likes of Bear Grylls but even he’s more likely to eat a dead snake than skip with it.

As insane as the headline sounds, the kids were delighted to use the unfortunate reptile as a playground toy. The group of 5 didn’t seem afraid of holding the head and tail of the dead snake, swinging the reptile in rounds as a girl jumped over it fearlessly! A lady could be heard encouraging the kids to continue playing too (what’s up with that?!). Check it out:

Fun fact: Vietnam has 37 types of snakes

The country is home to an array of venomous snakes. Their snake residents range from deadly serpents like Fea’s Viper, described by herpetologists as “docile but dangerous” to King Cobras, that can kill an elephant with just a bite, and then there’s Russell’s Viper, responsible for thousands of deaths every year.

Vietnam Snake Kids Viral Video King Cobra Snakebites Reptile

Photograph credit: Pixabay

Thousands die due to snakebites every year

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed 2.7 million people are poisoned by snakes every year, resulting in between 81,000 and 137,000 deaths. Many victims of snake bites end up losing a limb or sustain other types of permanent disabilities.

The WHO is on the search for a treatment that can cure snakebites and cut infections by half in 2030. Here are some more unbelievable facts reported by the WHO. Funnily enough, they don’t recommend skipping with them!

Vietnam Snake Kids Viral Video King Cobra Snakebites Reptile

Photograph credit: Pixabay

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