Photograph credit: PxHere

Had A Break Up? This Arab Woman Dealt With It Like A Boss!

Not even brutality comes close to describe how this Egyptian woman dealt with her break up, leaving her ex in total embarrassment.

She posted an ad selling him on OLX

Don’t bother going on OLX now because the ad is no loner available. It goes like this; she posted an ad with her ex’s image in it and its caption reads “I am selling my ex. His name is Omar Zeitoun. He is good-looking and calm, and he has long hair. He studies English law and drives a motorcycle.” She went on to describe him as “scratch-free” and was willing to accept any price amount. The most savage part was when she explained that she couldn’t find any section to present him, leaving her with no choice but to sell him in the ‘animals’ section.

Photograph credit: Nour El-Din Fkronh

She eventually got a buyer!

Not literally bought, but an Egyptian photographer, Nour El-Din Fkronh, soon happened to meet her ex, Omer Zaitoon and took to Facebook to post an image with him and joked that he “bought him”. Judging by the image, Omer seemed like he got over her and didn’t look affected by the joke she made out of him at all.

Photograph credit: Facebook/Nour El-Din Fkronh

Savagery doesn’t end here

Omer seemed totally carefree post their break up and in response to the ad, he posted a video of himself riding a scooter in all smiles and captioned the video “They say I’m for sale”, leaving his Facebook friends and the Arab social media world cracked into laughter.

You won’t believe this bizarre Arab relationship recently

Not so long ago, there was another bizarre incident in an Arab relationship. A couple got engaged and the groom-to-be promised his fiancé to buy her a brand new car with gifts and when he had to, he stole her jewellery to buy her the brand new car. The jewellery was worth a whopping Dhs 130,000. His fiancé was delighted to see the brand new car he bought but once she discovered her jewellery was missing, she immediately cancelled their engagement.