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Hardcore ‘Friends’ Fan Recreates Intro With An Arabic Twist

If you’re an Arab die-hard fan of TV show ‘Friends’, you might have at one point or another imagined what an Arabic version of the show would look like. Well, someone took some time to bring that thought to fruition.

Friends TV show gets an Arabic intro

There’s a generation of Arabs who grew up following the bohemian lifestyle of Phoebe Buffay, sarcastic remarks of Chandler Bing, copying Joey Tribbiani’s chat up line “How You Doin’” learning to adult-like Monica Geller and following all the melodrama between Ross and Rachel. One die-hard Arab fan went on to prove his fandom with a recreation of its intro. Check it out:


15 years of ‘Friends’

For an iconic TV show like ‘Friends,’ time doesn’t determine its relevance, thanks to its huge millennial fanbase. Its final episode aired almost 15 years ago but still remains a highly-watched show till date. The craze for ‘Friends’ is quite evident after Netflix’s $100 million (AED 3.67m) agreement with AT&T to continue streaming the show this year.

Do you know there’s a Central Perk cafe in Dubai?

No kiddin’ but there’s a licensed cafe and bar inspired by the pop culture phenomenon. Named ‘Cultural Perks,’ they’re located at Al Fahidi’s Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa and have interiors that boast a “comfortable lounge style where friends come to meet.” They opened its doors in January, serving a multi-cuisines and beverages.

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