Photograph credit: Dubai Opera

Harry Potter And The Godfather Scheduled At Dubai Opera

Theatre fans, get ready for a throwback to two of pop culture’s highly influential films, ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets’ and ‘The Godfather’ as they get a live orchestral performance at Dubai Opera in the coming months.

‘The Godfather’ live in concert

For many of us, ‘The Godfather’ remains an evergreen classic. The chronicles of mafioso Don Corleone and his Italian-American crime family continues to stun film enthusiasts and established a benchmark as one of Hollywood’s finest productions. The live concert takes place on Thursday, 28th February and will be performed by the composer Justin Freer and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra.

Orchestral accompaniment for Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

If you’re an older millennial and a Harry Potter fan, you’ll surely recall epic moments like the flying Ford Anglia, the mysterious Serpent of Slytherin and Aragog’s hollow from the second instalment of the Harry Potter series. Dubai Opera is showing the film live accompanied by the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra conducting the music score. The show takes place on Friday, 1st and Saturday, 2nd March.

Concert films back in Dubai

For those unfamiliar with the concept, concert films feature a live orchestral accompaniment for the music score during a film screening. The concept rose in popularity over the years for bringing a fresh take to film-going experiences. Iconic venues like the Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera have bought several iconic films to a concert upgrade, Peter Jackson’s award-winning ‘Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,’ Steven Spielberg’s iconic ‘Jaws’ and the James Bond classic revamp, ‘Casino Royale.’ Dubai Opera has bought some contemporary classics to its hall too, like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and the ‘Swan Lake’ show.

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Photograph credit: Dubai Opera

Tickets are available on their website, starting from Dhs 175. An ongoing early bird offer is valid till 31st January.