Lucky Voice Dubai
Lucky Voice Dubai

Have you got the Lucky Voice to be the next Timberlake, Mariah or Eminem?

Ace karaoke joint Lucky Voice is looking for their next Lucky’s Got Talent 2 star, and it could be you! 

Yes, you, reading this right now.

Do you love singing in the shower, are you the first to sign up to karaoke and do you secretly wish you could do Carpool Karaoke with James Corden? 

Then read on, as Lucky Voice is looking for their next homegrown star. 

Lucky’s Got Talent 2

They’re hosting Heat 3 of their talent show competition on Thursday, January 30. Entrants will be given three minutes to impress the judges to win and get through to the final. 

Winners on the night will receive Friday Brunch for six, a Karaoke pod for 10 and a Shure MV88 microphone. Plus the overall winners will get a headline slot at the Dubai Food Festival. No pressure, then! And, as an added bonus for fans, all of the finalists will be invited to come back and sing on Thursday night.

We got the low-down from the judges on what to expect. And judges don’t get much more qualified than actual music star Dane Bowers and homegrown star Pimms Brooke…

Dane Bowers

“Karaoke competitions are hard to judge because people always want to hear the familiar song sung the way they know it. But it’s also quite cool to hear someone unique take on it. For me, I prefer interpretation so that’s what I would look for more than anything.”

“I will be judging on stage presence and just raw vocal ability. Also on song choice. I’m not a fan of people picking songs that are too big for them, leave Mariah and Whitney alone!”

Pimms Brooke

“We’re looking for a singer/band who has individuality. The whole package! A great voice is one thing, but stage presence and giving the audience something to feel is another. We really want to believe the performer and be captivated. Song choice is a real key factor too!”

“The stage can be a scary place, as an artist myself I know the more I get on stage the less I get nervous. I learn more and more, the more I perform!”

“But my advice would be to just switch off and completely surrender to the performance.”

And if you need a bit more help, check out our Nine rules of Karaoke.

Lucky’s Got Talent 2
Heat 3, Thursday, January 30 
8-11 pm
Grand Millennium Hotel
Barsha Heights