Marathon runner takes to the streets of Dubai
Marathon runner takes to the streets of Dubai

Have you seen this marathon woman on a mission to run every street in Dubai?

Dubai-based Lebanese expat Yasmine Salaam is on a mission to run every single street and road in Dubai.

Inspired by an American ultra runner, the 49-year-old runner has run and covered hundreds of miles across Dubai. From gated communities to busy side-streets, Yasmine has covered around 40% of the city so far.

“The run, for me, is very significant,” she told the Gulf News. ‘It’s a celebration of not only my fitness but also the energy and diversity of Dubai, a city that I have lived in for 43 years. I want to be a role model in this context.”

Sunrise sessions

With the heat and humidity rising, Yasmine is often found out running first thing between 4 and 8 am. On average, she’ll cover 50km a week.

And now that many of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, Yasmine can get back to exploring the city she’s lived in for over four decades.

“Now that the city has reopened, it’s like reclaiming the spirit of Dubai as we know it,” she said. “I see more energy and a healthier lifestyle in people’s attempt to keep fit these days. Everywhere I run, in all the communities – from the gated Springs and Arabian Ranches to the more local Al Rashidiya and Al Warqa, or even the cosmopolitan Al Barsha and Al Mankhool, everyone, except the kids and the elderly of course, is trying to get a breath of fresh air.”

So if you do see Yasmine on her run, please give her a social distancing high five from us!

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