du Tough Mudder Kite Beach
Photograph credit: du Tough Mudder

Head To Kite Beach For a Glimpse Of Du Tough Mudder This Weekend

Kite Beach’s fitness village is about to get muddier, giving Mudders the chance to attempt an obstacle this weekend.

du Tough Mudder obstacle at Kite Beach this weekend

Get a first-hand experience of du Tough Mudder at Kite Beach this weekend. The fitness village will be host to ‘The Reach Around’ obstacle, where Mudders will have to “reach up and grab hold of something they cannot see, scaling up the face of a structure at a backwards 45-degree angle.” Mudders will then be “forced to reach up and around the overhang and pull themselves up and over the top.” Plus, the little ones can take on du Mini Mudder’s ‘Hangin’ In Hangin’ Out’ obstacle, making their way through a monkey bar.

High octane obstacles coming to du Tough Mudder

Be prepared for an even messier edition. This time, there are six new obstacles with barbed wires to crawl through, a pool to dive into, cargo nets to crawl through and the toughest part, a suspended water pit in a total blackout. We recommend taking the challenge with your pals because there’s going to be a lot of teamwork involved to complete the course.

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudder

Save the date: 7th-8th December

du Tough Mudder will take place at Hamdan Sports Complex, from Friday, 7th-Saturday, 8th December. Tickets are still available for Dhs 360 and Dhs 55, for du Tough Mudder and du Mini Mudder respectively. After completing the race, Mudders will be rewarded with action photos, a T-shirt, a headband and “an accomplishment like no other.” Click here for tickets.

Photograph credit: du Tough Mudder