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Heavy Rains Hit UAE’s Northern Emirates

UAE’s weather has been far from enviable today. People living in the UAE’s northern emirates woke up to heavy rains, while Dubai experienced drizzles and prevailing winds.

Heavy rains hit northern emirates

May, usually, is regarded as one of the hottest months of the year. But this season, the UAE’s northern emirates witnessed cloudy skies accompanied with heavy rains and cold weather, as the streets and roads were flooded by hours of rain. Dubai, also, witnessed drizzles and severe windy conditions. Check it out:

17.6° – the minimum temperature recorded today

With temperatures plummeting due to torrential rains, Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais recorded the lowest temperature today, at 17.6°. The second coolest place is Jabal Yibir, with a temperature of 21.6°, followed by Qamen at 22.9°, Fujairah’s Al FarFar at 23.4° and Jabal Hafeet at 23.6°.  However, it isn’t the best time to visit the mountains, due to flash floods.

Unstable weather conditions due to low pressure

UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) says a trough of low pressure was expected to extend over the region, resulting in the flow of a moist air mass from the Arabian Sea. They also predict Al Ain and the northern Emirates may experience intense rainfall, lightning and thunder through the week, until Thursday.