Photograph credit: Pixabay

Here’s How A Woman In Dubai Begged Her Way To Earn Dhs 183,500 In 17 Days

Begging is one of the most serious social issues in the region these days. A lady duped virtual strangers with made-up stories that helped her raise Dhs 183,500 within 17 days.

Begging on social media

Identified as a European, the woman created profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and used them to share images of her children, although they were living with the father. She begged social media users for money, claiming they were sick and were in poverty.

Ex-husband’s family discovered her begging activity

It was the ex-husband’s family who discovered her social media activity and questioned his financial situation. The ex-husband reported her to the E-Crime section of Dubai Police and proved the children live with him.

Dubai Police investigation

After Dubai Police caught her, they discovered she’d raised a whopping Dhs 183,500 in 17 days! Brigadier Jamal Al Salem Al Jallaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department, Dubai Police, said, “The woman used social media to trick people but her former husband alerted the police through the e-crime platform.”

Dhs 250,000-500,000 fine for begging online

Dubai Police has imposed strict punishments and fines for begging activities. Beggars could face imprisonment for up to three months, or be fined Dhs 5,000; online begging could lead to a fine of Dhs 250,000-500,000!