Burj Khalifa Emaar Advertising Burj Khalifa's Facade

Here’s How Much Marvel Paid To Advertise ‘Avengers: Endgame’ On The Burj Khalifa

A recent media kit by Emaar Properties reveals the hefty price tag for a three-minute advertising slot on Burj Khalifa’s façade.

AED 1 million for advertising on Burj Khalifa’s façade

Emaar Properties, the parent company of Burj Khalifa, charges a staggering AED 1 million for five three-minute impressions on its 828 metre-tall iconic façade, any night between 7 pm until midnight.

They have cheaper packages too.  A three-minute slot during weekdays from 8-10 pm costs AED 250,000, and AED 350,000 for the same timings on weekends. An AED 500,000 budget could get you two three-minute impressions any night from 8-10 pm.

Burj Khalifa Emaar Advertising Burj Khalifa's Facade

Photograph credit: Burj Khalifa

If you think AED 1 million is pricey, that’s way less than Superbowl’s whopping $5 million (AED178.3m) 30-second slot price tag and FOX Sports charging $750,000 (AED2.7m) for advertising during the FIFA World Cup.

What makes it so insanely expensive?

Thousands of tourists and residents descend upon The Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar every day, and it doesn’t get any more crowded than on New Year’s Eve. We’ve all been there, chocked up between roaring crowds eagerly waiting for the fireworks to light up the Dubai sky.

Brands with megabucks like Tik Tok, Huawei and Noon, and blockbuster films like The Lion King and Avengers: Infinity War have advertised on Burj Khalifa.

Clients can add their music to The Dubai Fountain too

The media pack reveals clients can have their music added to The Dubai Fountain shows too. However, their music won’t be in sync with the display.